Prakash Shah and Shinichi Kashihara
Shinichi Kashihara

Shinichi Kashihara

      My partner Shinichi told me interesting things about his background. He was born in Japan; he used to live in a city call Tokyo. His native language is Japanese. He came from a rich family; his father was a doctor. He came to the United States in 1999 and he told me that he liked New York City.
      In addition, my partner told me that he really missed the food and women from his own country; he says that the food in New York City isn't as delicious as the food in Tokyo. Despite this, he likes New York City. Another thing that my partner has told me is that he lives in an apartment in Manhattan, with a roommate. He also tells me that he likes spring time in New York City because the weather is very nice.
      Fortunately, my partner has a good job. He sells clothes and he makes a lot of money. He also tells me that he likes to play soccer. What's more, Shinichi had told me about his education life; he said that he had gone to school, high school and college in his home country. At the present time, he is studying at LaGuardia Community College; his major is Business Management. He comes to college by train because he doesn't have his own car, but he has a New York City driver's license.
      What's more, Shinichi told me about his talents; ha said that he played baseball very well and that ha also liked to sing. He also told me that President Bill Clinton is doing a good job and that he was happy about it. On the other hand, he says that mayor Rudy Giuliani is a stupid man who doesn't know how to do his job. Shinichi also tells me that he has a computer at home. He also says that he would like to go to Los Angeles because he thinks that L.A is interesting. Finally, he tells me that he likes beautiful women from all over the world.
      I asked my partner Shinichi about his emotional experiences. He remembers a lot of them, some of them good experiences, some of them bad. The good experiences that he has had are interesting and exciting. He told me that he had many good experiences, such as meeting a famous person, winning two thousand dollars by playing cards and buying a nice car when he was a teenager. Sadly, he has also had some bad experiences that have made him feel sad, such as when his son died in an accident and when he had been robbed. Also, has had some embarrassing experiences, such as peeing in his pants when he saw Britney Spears in a concert and he felt embarrassing about it.
      Shinichi remembers with a lot of emotion good experiences that made him feels happy. He remembers when he went to Atlantic City with his family. They woke up early in the morning to take the earlier bus. They were happy because that was the first time that they went to Atlantic City. When they got there, they started to play Black Jack. Shinichi's family lost all the money that they had, but Shinichi was lucky because he won two thousand dollars. He was very happy seeing a lot of money in front of him. Two hours later, they left the place and they went to eat at an expensive restaurant. "Of course" Shinichi paid for the food that they ate. They came back home and Shinichi put his money in the bank.
      Also, Shinichi told me that he had had bad experiences that made him feels sad. Sadly, he told me that he lost his child in an accident three years ago. He remembers that night was very dark. He was driving his car; there was a lot of snow on the street; the street was wet. His son started to cry because he felt scared of the night. Shinichi was trying to take care of his son at the same time that he was driving and he didn't see that in front of him there was another car coming driven by a drunk driver. Both cars crashed; as a consequence, his son died.
      In addition, Shinichi told me that he had had some embarrassing experiences too. For example, he told me that one day he went to Britney Spears' concert. It was in The Madison Square Garden. He was very excited because Britney Spears is his favorite artist. He remembers that he had to save his money for four weeks to buy the ticket for the concert. Finally, he went. He was very happy. There were two friends with him; both of them were excited too. When Britney Spears started to sing, all the people were clapping. Shinichi and his friends were enjoying the concert. They were drinking vodka. After two hours Shinichi was so excited that he peed in his pants. Some of the people who were around him saw him when he was peeing and they started to laugh. His face was red color because he felt embarrassed about what had happened.
      However, Shinichi's life has had many experiences that have taught him many things. He would like to remember the good experiences that he has had and forget the bad ones. What's more, he tells me that he is going to try to be a better person than he was before, a person with a positive mind.
     by Ivan Naranjo