Ivan Najanjo, on the subway
Ivan Naranjo

Ivan Naranjo

      My partner Ivan is a totally friendly and cool guy. He came to the US in 1995 after he graduated from his high school in Cuenca, Ecuador. He has been living in Queens, NY with his friend since he came to the US. He has never thought about going back to Ecuador even though he's been away from there for five years.
      He is a really busy guy. He works as a messenger almost every day, and after work, he comes to school. He comes to LaGuardia to study computer programming. He wants to get a good job in the computer business in the near future. If he makes a lot of money with that job, he will buy a huge house in Miami. Although he has never been to Miami, he has heard good things about it. He thinks there are a lot of huge beach houses, beautiful girls and nice music like salsa, which is his favorite.
      I think he is a typical Latin guy because he likes to play soccer, play music and also play with women. He especially loves to play with women. That's because what he loves most about the US is the women. Furthermore, the thing he misses about Ecuador is the women, too. Therefore, he has some funny stories about women.
      One day, he invited his girlfriend into his room while his parents were out. It was the first time he had invited her, so he was a little bit nervous. He and his girlfriend hung out for a while. She was relaxed, but he was nervous even though he was in his room. That's because he was thinking that he wanted to have sex with her that day. He thought that that day was the chance to do it because his parents were out of town, and he prepared some romantic things, as many as he could think of. He bought some flowers, candles and CD's which had some romantic songs. He even rented a romantic movie.
      He was desperate to make her mood romantic, and the moment arrived at last. He kissed her and they lay down on the bed. While he was having sex with her, somebody knocked on the door suddenly. He didn't realize that; I think you know why. After a little while, the door was opened and he saw his mother's face there. He was really embarrassed. After that, he couldn't look his mother in the eye for a while.
      Here is another story of his about a woman. When he went to dinner with his friend, he saw a beautiful woman in the restaurant. He was not sure who she was at first so he didn't think about her for a while. Afterwards, he walked by her table to go to the bathroom. Then he freaked out when he recognized who she was. She was Jennifer Lopez.
      I wrote only about his embarrassing stories this time. I hope he also has some happier ones to tell me about.
     by Shinichi Kashihara