Gentil Tello, Saquib "Ali" Ahmed,
and Prakash Shah
Gentil Tello

Gentil Tello

      Gentil is a very nice person. He lives in Rego Park, Queens, where he works as a physical therapist's assistant. He knows how to drive and he owns a car too. Gentil came here in August 1982. He is from Cali, Columbia, which is one of the famous cities in Colombia. His first language is Spanish, and he can speak Italian. His favorite color is red and lucky number is 8. He likes to eat salad very much. He lives with his family, but his one brother who still lives in Colombia he misses very much. He says that in the United States we have many opportunities, like education jobs and so on. His favorite sport is soccer. When he was in his country, he won so many trophies.
      He says that he is not good at using computers and that his typing speed is very slow. In addition, he would like to learn how he could make a good amount of money so he can buy a big house in Long Island City. Right now, he is taking ESL 099. His first course was ESL 098 at LaGuardia.
      He says that he wants to get a higher education. He says that one-day if he were the president of the United States, he would try to create more jobs for people.
      Recently he saw the movie, Sixth Sense and he really liked it. In the future, he wants to buy a big house and he wants to complete his Bachelor's degree as soon as possible. I hope that he will achieve all his good goals.
      In addition, Gentil Tello told me about his emotional experiences. Our ESL professor wants us to write down each other's emotional experiences.
      Gentil Tello says that whenever he turns on the television there are hundreds of bad news items such as murders, rapes and beatings which are always heard on T. V. Recently after the Puerto Rican parade, some crazy men raped some girls, which was really horrifying news for everyone. One month ago, little Elian Gonzalez suffered a lot because countries, Cuba, and the United States have some political problems. This was depressing and frustrating. Gentil is also upset how teenage girls are disrespecting their parents in this country. Fifteen or sixteen year old girls smoke cigarettes and drink beer.
      He said that he was excited and happy when he was coming to the United States because he knew that if he worked hard here he would be able to get whatever he wanted. He also says that when he was in Columbia he didn't have any job. Furthermore, so often people were getting killed by bomb blasts or some other reason, such as political problems, drugs, fighting between groups, and so on.
      He says that he feels lucky. After fifteen years, he is starting his educational life again. He got admitted to LaGuardia College last year in fall session 1. Right now, he is working in a medical office, which is a good job. Now he is happy with his life. I guess one thing I learned from my partner is that "if you work hard you can achieve your goal."
      by Saquib Ahmed