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Error  #001
This student was impressed by the ESL department's dedicated staff.

Error  #002
We can't be sure that this Korean student didn't mean to offer precisely this interesting observation about animals in an urban setting.

Error  #003
We should never doubt our students when they tell us about their arduous life outside of the classroom.

Error  #004
One student describes how his father relaxes after a stressful day on the job.

Error  #005
The mother of more than one student is reported to be deeply concerned about clean entertainment for the family.

Error  #006
Students often reveal a touch of vanity when discussing their school friendships.

Error  #007
We are often puzzled about some of the course work done by our students in their home countries.

Error  #008
The recent boom in genetic research has prepared us for somewhat surprising reports like this one.

Error  #009
Students are capable of making shrewd, clinical observations about different personality types.

Error  #010
We are pleased to see our students finding varied and pleasurable activities in their newfound home.

Error  #011
Perhaps this student's friends live in a river basin or some easily flooded plain.

Error  #012
Urban immigrants often have concerns about local law enforcement tactics.

Error  #013
In addition to learning English our students often undertake developing their skills in the fine arts.

Error  #014
Our students are often proud of their ideas but still suffer from self doubts.

Error  #015
Students often show deep concern about the health of familial units.

Error  #016
This student showed her appreciation of the diverse attractions in a major urban environment.

Error  #017
Sometimes students come to significant realizations, even at the end of a hard work day.

Error  #018
Occasionally, students come to significant realizations about the North American continent's over-hyped attractions.

Error  #019
We're wondering what kind of family has parents offering this kind of encouragement to their young scholars.

Error  #020
Students can be extremely resourceful when it comes to preparing for vacations.

Error  #021
This student's aunt displayed the intensity of her concern for a husband involved in an unfortunate accident.

Error  #022
This student reports on a former classmate who may have had second thoughts about entering medical school.

Error  #023
This student at least knew to use a transitive verb when necessary, although perhaps this one was not the precise one intended.

Error  #024
This answer for a fill-in sentence on a two-word verb test may be correct for this student who might have financial problems leading to extreme measures.

Error  #025
And this answer on the same fill-in test (see #024, above) may reveal a student's only means of helping out an unfortunate relative.

Error  #026
Students often attend college with hopes of pursuing careers that are not always valued by Americans.

Error  #027
ESL teachers are privileged to learn about many countries' celebrations that Americans might find quaint or strange.

Error  #028
This student was clearly interested in America's recent sociopolitical history, albeit with some details in need of further clarification.

Error  #029
Another student (see #028, above) may have been reading the wrong tabloids concerning some earth-shattering events in America's checkered past.

Error  #030
On this relative clauses test, the student may have been educating us about her home country's funereal customs, which would surprise most Americans.

Error  #031
Sometimes students show candor in their writings by revealing darkly motivated personal wishes.

Error  #032
This student's uncle reacted dramatically to a common form of urban environmental pollution.

Error  #033
We're not sure what attributes this student's sibling exhibited, but we know she was special.

Error  #034
Depending on the student's religion, this statement may have been an accurate expression of her future goals.

Error  #035
We're glad to see this foreign student's appreciation of American styles of family diversity.

Error  #036
We can only wonder if this student sent her child to a school whose methods of discipline were a bit severe.

Error  #037
It is not for us to question our students' varied, and idiosyncratic, personal goals in life.

Error  #038
Sometimes sexual harassment at the work place is by the employee and not the employer.

Error  #039
This student's best friend seems to be endowed with an interest in the clairvoyant arts.

Error  #040
Our students are constantly reminding us that personal pleasures vary widely from person to person.

Error  #041
Sometimes our students' friends and relatives come to discover marvels of US technology that many Americans know nothing about.

Error  #042
This student's sister may be involved in serious feral research.

Error  #043
Our students and their relatives often help introduce hobbies and games to America's shores, some of which may catch on while others probably will not.

Error  #044
Our students don't always respond to local domesticated wildlife in precisely the same way as Americans do.

Error  #045
We often find ourselves marveling at students who have seen parts of America that have escaped our attention, despite our being native-born.

Error  #046
The newly arrived student must often deal with severe periods of loneliness especially when they are restricted to meeting only certain kinds of people.

Error  #047
We often hear of rigorous pedagogical standards that our students were exposed to in their home countries.

Error  #048
We can't help but feel that a location adverb would clarify this student's statement of national pride.

Error  #049
Likewise (see #048, above), that location adverb might clarify this patriotic claim.

Error  #050
We might do well to borrow from one country's motivational qualification system that goes beyond the humdrum repertoire of numbers and letters.

Error  #051
We are sometimes surprised by games from our students' home countries that we might find a bit mean-spirited.

Error  #052
This student was possibly lucky to receive beneficial tutoring in entomology.

Error  #053
Students often invoke their local deity for scholastic assistance, albeit in ways sometimes strange to us.

Error  #054
Sometimes success in college fosters extremely narcissistic tendencies among our students.

Error  #055
We can't be sure that this student doesn't intend to work for NASA.

Error  #056
Sometimes it's difficult for us to understand the peculiar structuring of our students' home countries' educational system hierarchies.

Error  #057
We often don't appreciate how difficult it is for immigrants to obtain the precise equipment needed to get a desirable job here.

Error  #058
There may be some languages that use onomatopoeic terms for certain well-known geographical points.

Error  #059
Either this student has misread her book of American idioms, or she is being extremely blunt about her marriage goals.

Error  #060
It is not uncommon for foreign students to characterize local American politicians in ways that are less than flattering.

Error  #061
This student may have decided to come to America after enjoying the movie, Easy Rider.

Error  #062
We can't be sure that our students will always receive American symbols of endearment in the manner we might hope for.

Error  #063
Students who come to America often like to mix technology with traditional pastoral activities.

Error  #064
This student may have been watching a bit too much of the Cartoon Channel on cable TV.

Error  #065
Foreign students display a variety of responses after trying American cuisine.

Error  #066
This student is impressed by the effect that annual climatic changes typically have on Americans' fashion habits.

Error  #067
We never cease to be amazed by the variety of after-school jobs that our students undertake in order to further their education.

Error  #068
An ESL teacher quickly learns that schools around the world differ dramatically in their school costume and uniform requirements.

Error  #069
If natives constantly misuse this noun as an adjective, why should we be surprised when our students also turn it into a verb?

Error  #070
Some of our students' parents wanted them to learn from the "school of hard knocks."

Error  #071
We doubt that this student attends a community college in NYC's warehouse district in order to pursue a career in agriculture.

Error  #072
This student's father may be failing to match up to the standards set by his employers at his job working for the Seagram's Company.

Error  #073
We wonder if this student is revealing his full gamut of emotions felt after engaging in this certainly unpleasant activity.

Error  #074
It's possible that this student indeed meant that her classmate's father was happy to help out with her lab fee for her entomology course.

Error  #075
We can't exactly determine which relative this student was planning to see during intercession.

Error  #076
It's sad to see this student disparaging her unfortunate brother's physical appearance.

Error  #077
This future political scientist opines that a nation's military arsenal should be well-defined.

Error  #078
We are often surprised to hear that religions we assumed to have strict behavior codes may also contain rules that promulgate amusement.

Error  #079
Perhaps it is this student's mother's illicit activities which are helping him pay his ever-increasing tuition.

Error  #080
No angler is ever surprised at what might be bobbing up and down in the ocean, waiting to get hooked.

Error  #081
This student seems to be advocating "getting high on nature."

Error  #082
We can't determine whether this student is celebrating or bemoaning her theatrical past.

Error  #083
A classroom should have good ventilation and good acoustics, and we know that this student's classroom has at least one of them.

Error  #084
This student is admitting to a lack of personal networking skills.

Error  #085
Here is sound advice for practically anybody on a job hunt.

Error  #086
We know the student grew up in a single-parent household, but we're not exactly sure of the circumstances.

Error  #087
This serious social observation might have been made once before by Jeffrey Dahmer.

Error  #088
This student may be missing a letter or may be hoping to get a job working for the hemp lobby.

Error  #089
It's always easier in hindsight to reflect on the right and wrong way to deal with law enforcement officers.

Error  #090
This famed NYC politician seems to lack strong support among certain immigrant population groups in the city he governs.

Error  #091
Often, a dining experience is enhanced by ancillary services provided by a concerned management.

Error  #092
This student wants parents to be explicit when discussing would-be ramifications of drug use by their children.

Error  #093
The orthography is wrong but this finding about low-level local criminal activity remains true nonetheless.

Error  #094
Sometimes we learn that a religion we thought dour turns out to be even more so than we had suspected.

Error  #095
The freedom America offers its people gives them a chance to explore every possible new angle on how to pursue happiness, no matter how strange it may seem to others.

Error  #096
This student is hoping for more open and honest political stands by our elected representatives.

Error  #097
This student's friend either has an automobile storage problem, or an unusual, and unsatisfied, fetish.

Error  #098
Grooming habits among women can be painstaking, regardless of nation.

Error  #099
This student's branch of a noted worldwide religion has restrictions placed on its followers that would seem to most of us nearly impossible to comply with.

Error  #100
We learn from this student's character portrait that there are many ways to become popular in a given society.

Error  #101
This student has obviously never seen the real estate of certain municipalities on Long Island's north shore.

Error  #102
Students often feel free to write intimate details about friends outside of school.

Error  #103
We hope this student's organs weren't being harvested when she was little.

Error  #104
Many colleges prepare students for careers that are unknown to most of us, but (we assume) fulfilling nonetheless.

Error  #105
This is one game where people probably didn't ask and didn't tell.

Error  #106
From country to country, men differ on what they find erotic in women.

Error  #107
This student may be subtly revealing his own attitude toward the prospect of getting hitched.

Error  #108
This may be a mistake or an appropriate physics metaphor.

Error  #109
This could be an opinionated statement about young people's misguided musical tastes.

Error  #110
Despite "Just Say No," some students still attest to the positive effects of some drugs.

Error  #111
This student may be describing an extremely nouveau style of interior decorating.

Error  #112
We always knew prepositions were tough. Tough on this student, and even tougher on her grandpa.

Error  #113
This student observes how Americans often get married after an extremely brief, but spirited, engagement.

Error  #114
This student's friends seem to enjoy engaging in behavior in public restaurants that might cause concern to the management.

Error  #115
Every culture has its own standards of personal aesthetics.

Error  #116
Students are often confused when referring to the game of soccer.

Error  #117
[See #116, above.]

Error  #118
[See #116, above.]

Error  #119
This student's best friend clearly has young-spirited parents.

Error  #120
There's no accounting for preferences in Saturday afternoon entertainment.

Error  #121
This student loves his mother either despite, or because of, a particular trait she has.

Error  #122
While some students go for the "heavy metal" sound, others apparently have more sedate tastes, like Nikos, for example.

Error  #123
Sometimes a woman's possessions, in addition to her appearance, make her attractive to a man.

Error  #124
We are always happy for our students when they overcome financial difficulties and make a longtime dream come true.

Error  #125
Students whose languages lack definite articles sometimes go overboard once they get the hang of them.

Error  #126
Most mothers are neatness freaks, but apparently not all.

Error  #127
This student could have been talking about Jeffrey Dahmer's compatible twin sister.

Error  #128
Apparently, there are many different types of escort work a woman can do.

Error  #129
This student didn't make a mistake in describing a hallowed native tradition, but she might want to trade in that British English dictionary.

Error  #130
It's always compelling to learn about various superstitions in different cultures. Most Americans would have great difficulty participating in this one.

Error  #131
Sometimes students enjoy a class despite, or because of, a really tough teacher.

Error  #132
We often learn of surprising new brand names and new products by reading our students' essays.

Error  #133
Some family units are so close-knit that the goings-on of one relative are known to all.

Error  #134
This student would probably not enjoy living in San Francisco.

Error  #135
Sometimes students get more excited about their work than even we teachers had hoped for.

Error  #136
Bad company? Birds of a feather?

Error  #137
Some people like to relax by planning an itinerary.

Error  #138
Perhaps this student lives with the Addams family.

Error  #139
Transplant operations have come a long way.

Error  #140
Students really appreciate the efforts of good samaritans who help them with their education.

Error  #141
This student describes a Romeo and Juliet romance with dire consequences.

Error  #142
Animal metaphors and similes vary from country to country.

Error  #143
Military service is never the same from one army to the next.

Error  #144
This student's girlfriend has a habit she probably needs to break.

Error  #145
There's no telling what will cause an officer of the law to give somebody a break.

Error  #146
Here we learn about our nation's infatuation with a particular candy bar.

Error  #147
Dull people often lack perception, according to this student's essay.

Error  #148
This student's anxious friend might have been asking her boss for one favor too many, possibly calling into question her suitability as a receptionist.

Error  #149
This student tells about a teacher who might have seen her college students as younger than they really were.

Error  #150
This student is unhappy about the treatment she gets from her employer, who is quite possibly Croatian.

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