Free Download of GuessWhat! 3.2

(If you don't already have it, you will need Microsoft's up-to-date version of the
Net Framework to run this program.)

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The free download version lets you play all 101 exercises, but

the fully licensed version, for $5.00 US, lets you keep a record of all your scores, speeds, dates and times and lets you print out a hard copy for yourself and/or your teacher. It also lets you print out a paper version of the quiz you are doing on screen, which you can use for studying or submitting to your teacher.

Purchase the $5 license/registration code from RegSoft

Description of GuessWhat!

Guess What! is a game style grammar and vocabulary builder in which the user guesses the correct word or phrase to practice the vocabulary or grammar point. Correct parts of the answer are reflected on the screen while blanks remain for the parts which aren't quite right yet.

Grammar exercises include past tense, reported speech, real and unreal conditiionals, passive, present perfect, past perfect, verb combinations (verbs with gerunds, infinitives or simple/base forms), singular to plural transformation, count and noncount nouns, adjectives vs. adverbs, adjectives of emotion (with ing/ed endings, present and past participles), adverbs of frequency, noun clauses (indirection questions), prepositions, use of however, even though, either, too, neither, so, phrasal verbs (two-word verbs), wish and hope, spelling rules, spelling demons, and much more.

There are 101 different exercises with over 7000 different questions. A few games are included for the teacher, like guessing movie or novel titles. Scores can be recorded in order to track progress, or the exercises can be played just for fun. There is also an optional Timer, which lets students test their speed as well as their knowledge.

Schools can install the non-printing version of GuessWhat! for free, or the fully functional printing and record-keeping version of Guess What 3.2 on multiple terminals for a license/registration fee of just $15 per screen. Follow the instructions on the RegSoft order form to license a group of computers. After you make a multiple order, I'll email you a password and set of instructions that will enable you to print out individualized, randomized (collaboration-proof!) hard copy quizzes for students in a class or lab. The Grammar Diagnostic quizzes are especially useful for assessing overall knowledge for leveling.

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