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Error #001

The department secretary, Ann Goldstein, is a kind and gentile person.

Error #002

Breading a dog in the city is very difficult.

Error #003

We put the meat in the freezer after we came home from chopping.

Error #004

After work, he usually whacks TV.

Error #005

She likes to wash TV when she gets home.

Error #006

I like him. We are good bodies in school.

Error #007

My classmates studied hole together in one room.

Error #008

My cousin is having four cats.

Error #009

Assertive people don't hurt other people's fillings.

Error #010

In New York, you can go kiking or sightseeing.

Error #011

Her three children live with her on her house.

Error #012

The police use their powder to treat people badly.

Error #013

I practice touching the piano every day.

Error #014

It seemed like a good idea, but I was a little bit septical.

Error #015

Family values are falling apart because parents are spitting up.

Error #016

There's a lot of beautiful jewery in New York.

Error #017

At five o'clock it was time to live.

Error #018

I went to Canada to see Niagara False.

Error #019

He convinced his son to come in school.

Error #020

We made planes to go different places.

Error #021

She doesn't know how he is. She'll wet for some news.

Error #022

She was happy when the admissions office excepted her.

Error #023

The cat was hungry because we forgot to eat him.

Error #024

[fill-in] my grandmother was at the airport so I had to hold her up in my car.

Error #025

[same fill-in] my grandmother was at the airport so I had to put her up in my car.

Error #026

Maybe I can find a batter job.

Error #027

At my sweet fifteen, I wore a crow on my head.

Error #028

Baby Kennedy was killed in 1968.

Error #029

Joan Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.

Error #030

A widow is a woman whose husband is dyed.

Error #031

I want to pass this curse.

Error #032

It was noisy, so he shot the window.

Error #033

My favorite possession is my stereo sister.

Error #034

Someday I'll find the men I want to marry.

Error #035

I like my sister's husband. He's a really nice gay.

Error #036

I had to go to my children's school melting.

Error #037

I wish someday I could become a winer.

Error #038

My boss refused to give me a rise, so I quit.

Error #039

She likes reading romantic navels.

Error #040

His favorite foot is cheesecake.

Error #041

I have a ten-speed bic.

Error #042

She has tree children.

Error #043

Her favorite game is tennis, but sometimes she plays cheese.

Error #044

There were ducks on the pond, so we felt them.

Error #045

I've been to Virginal and Washington DC.

Error #046

School was hard in the beginning because I knew only a little person.

Error #047

I had to work hard because I had a strained teacher.

Error #048

Although I wasn't born, I feel like a real Cuban.

Error #049

I'm from the Dominican Republic,
but I have been living for four years.

Error #050

I got good greats in that class.

Error #051

I played sucker every Saturday with my friends.

Error #052

They helped me with my moth homework.

Error #053

I want to pass this course. God belt me!

Error #054

After I graduated, I married me.

Error #055

I want to travel all off the world.

Error #056

When I was six, I went to primate school.

Error #057

He can't work in the US because he doesn't have a green car.

Error #058

She's from Honk Konk.

Error #059

[If you never give up] you'll find happiness in the long one.

Error #060

Giuliani is the mary of New York.

Error #061

Everyone seeks hippiness.

Error #062

I tanked him for the flowers.

Error #063

We had phone at the picnic.

Error #064

There are many successful people, like Margaret Thatcher, Evita and Gandy.

Error #065

I tried eating prepared American foods, but now I cook myself as much as I can.

Error #066

In New York's seasons, people change clothes every three or four

Error #067

I'm tired in school because I work the night ship.

Error #068

We could wear pans to school, but they had to be blue.

Error #069

We like to go funning in Central Park.

Error #070

We moved because my father wanted us to get a bitter education.

Error #071

I'm coming to LaGuardia CC because I need to go to a sheep school.

Error #072

He'll lose his job if he doesn't stop to drink alcohol.

Error #073

I was bored just sitting on the conch and watching TV.

Error #074

Her father promised to pay for her fly.

Error #075

I'm going to visit my mother-in- love.

Error #076

My brother is a deaf- mut.

Error #077

People oppose countries that are making unclear weapons.

Error #078

Muslims have to play five times a day.

Error #079

My mother is probably coking for everybody at this time.

Error #080

He went fishing and caught a red Snapple.

Error #081

The wind in Antarctica is the strongest blow in the world.

Error #082

I've never sunk in front of an audience.

Error #083

Our room has good ear conditioning.

Error #084
[on recognizing people] I have a good memory for feces, but I always forget names.

Error #085

She should have taken the gun out of her mouth before she went in for the interview.

Error #086

My mother separated my father when I was young.

Error #087

It's hard to rice children.

Error #088

Marijuana is a serious addition in a person's life.

Error #089

If he hadn't hit the cup, he wouldn't have been arrested.

Error #090

Giuliani is the meanest mare we've ever had.

Error #091

He's been eaten at expensive restaurants lately.

Error #092

Explain to your kids the bed effects of marijuana.

Error #093

Drug dialing is a big problem on my block.

Error #094

Muslims have to go to the morgue every Friday.

Error #095

On weekends I enjoy playing in the piano.

Error #096

I hope the Senators will show leathership.

Error #097

He doesn't have any place to pork his car.

Error #098

She wacked her face and brushed her teeth.

Error #099

I'm Christian, so I didn't have a sex before I got married.

Error #100

People like him. He has good habits and a good hard.

Error #101

She drove to Poor Washington, Long Island.

Error #102

Joan, who I have known for many years, is one of my closet friends.

Error #103

My mother send me to kidney garden school when I was little.

Error #104

I plan to get my degree in pubic administration.

Error #105

There was a football game between Army and Mary.

Error #106

She dropped her purse so I got it up for her.

Error #107

He can't find a good girl, so he's not marred yet.

Error #108

It's important to develop self- steam.

Error #109

Children with metal problems make me sad.

Error #110

After I was a high student, I went to the university.

Error #111

[In the living room] At the end of the couch is an armpit.

Error #112

Grandfather was drinking, and Grandmother was standing in Grandfather's behind.

Error #113

They met in New York and after two mounts they got married.

Error #114

They went to McDonald's where they were raping with some girls.

Error #115

The girl with the long black hairs is pretty.

Error #116

He plays feetball.

Error #117

He plays foolball.

Error #118

He plays foodball.

Error #119

He goes tripping with his family.

Error #120

She likes to watch her clothes at the laundromat.

Error #121

She's a good kook.

Error #122

He plays Geek music every Friday.

Error #123

She was beautiful. Her eyes, nose and mouse were quite special.

Error #124

After years of saving, we were finally able to buy a condom in NJ.

Error #125

[Who's your partner?] My partner is a Nancy.

Error #126

She ordered me to throw the garbage.

Error #127

She put four bowels on the table.

Error #128

She works as a baby sister in this country.

Error #129

At the wedding feast, a large cock is placed on the table before the bride.

Error #130

[At the wedding,] they threw lice on us for good luck.

Error #131

I enjoy the class, but the teacher's testes are hard.

Error #132

My friend was drinking Cock.

Error #133

My aunt is coming in my house.

Error #134

I don't like to drive on a faggy day.

Error #135

I felt hard because the test was difficult.

Error #136

We spend time together. We're good fiends.

Error #137

When I feel tired, I go to bed and take a map.

Error #138

There's an electric sucker in the wall.

Error #139

He had to go to the hospital for some testes.

Error #140

The volunteer, a sweat lady, taught me to read carefully.

Error #141

After my father hit my boyfriend, we didn't see ourselves anymore.

Error #142

You must be as brave as a loin.

Error #143

In the army I had to pluck potatoes.

Error #144

After her shower, she gets dressing in her jeans.

Error #145

The police didn't punish me because I was a miner.

Error #146

Americans wear snickers all the time, even at work.

Error #147

He was bland so he couldn't see me.

Error #148

She asked for Wednesdays off to saw her psychiatrist.

Error #149

She brought candy for everybaby in the classroom.

Error #150   [END]

My boss treats me like a slav!

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