Frequently Asked Questions About GuessWhat!

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How Do I Get GuessWhat! from the Website?

Go to the home page and enter by clicking on the Brooklyn Bridge. After entering, click on the large, blue GW on the left. [If you are reading this now, it's possible that you've already done that!]
Then click on the Free Download of GuessWhat! link on to the right. Then run, or save, the installer file. After you run the installer file, GuessWhat! will be installed on your computer. There will be a blue GW! on your desktop. That is the link you click (or double-click) to start the program.

How can I make GuessWhat! keep scores and print scores and quizzes?

If you want these extra features for the program, you can purchase a $5 registration code from When you get this code, click on Help in the GuessWhat menu. Then click on Register. Then copy and paste the registration code into the registration window, and your program will be completely functioning.

What do I do if I get an error message when I try to run GuessWhat! on my computer?

Possibility 1

This program needs the Net Framework installed on your computer in order to run. Older computers may not have the Net Framework. You can get it from Microsoft for free. Just click on the Net Framework link under the Free Download of GuessWhat link, and you will be taken to Microsoft's download button for Net Framework. Download Microsoft's program and RUN (or OPEN) it.

Possibility 2

If you are running the program from a Floppy Disk, make sure the write-protection is in the DOWN position, not in the write-protecting UP position.
This program needs to write and rewrite things on your disk (or flash drive, or computer). If something is preventing that, the program will produce an error message!

How do I use GuessWhat! if I purchased it on a floppy disk?

If your computer has a floppy disk drive, put the floppy disk in the drive.
  1. Go to My Computer. If you see My Computer on your desktop, click or double-click it. If you don't see it, click the START button and then click My Computer.
  2. Double-click or Click Floppy (A:)
  3. Double-click or Click the GuessWhat32! folder.
  4. Double-click or Click GuessWhat32 or GuessWhat32.exe.

Can I copy GuessWhat! from a floppy disk onto my computer or a flash drive?

Yes. Use Windows Explorer to do this. You will generally find Windows Explorer if you click on START/All Programs/Accessories/Windows Explorer.
If you downloaded GuessWhat! from the website, then you will find the GuessWhat32! folder in C:/Program Files/CCTV. Then just copy the whole GuessWhat32! folder to the drive containing your USB Flash drive, or to a Floppy (A:) drive, if you prefer.
If you have GuessWhat! on a floppy disk, then click on Floppy (A:) in Windows Explorer. You will see the GuessWhat32! folder. Drag it to any other place you like. You can drag it to your computer's Desktop, or to a USB Flash drive.
If you have GuessWhat! on a USB flash drive, then click on the Flash drive in Windows Explorer. You will see the GuessWhat32! folder. Drag it to any other place you like. You can drag it to your computer's Desktop, or to a Floppy (A:) drive. Be sure your floppy disk is in the (A:) drive before you do this!

What do I do if I need to download GuessWhat! after losing it. Can I get the Registration Code for free, or do I have to pay $5.00 again?

I have a record of all customers who have purchased the $5.00 Registration Code. If you need that code again, just email

My GuessWhat! was running fine from my Floppy Disk, but now it doesn't work. What can I do?

Floppy disks are easily destroyed or harmed. Here are some reasons why:
You can have a new GuessWhat! disk for $3.00 if you send the old one to
309 W 109 ST #3H
New York, NY 10025
Send cash, or send a check or money order made out to CCTV.

What's In the Program?

GuessWhat! 3.2 Menu of 101 Exercises

1. Adjectives- ed/ing A
2. Adjectives- ed/ing B
3. Adverb or Adjective
4. Adverbs of Frequency
5. Agreement
6. Body Parts
7. Capital Cities of the World 1
8. Capital Cities of the World 2
9. Capital Letters
10. Cities, Cities, Cities!
11. Comparatives 1
12. Composite Adjectives 1
13. Count and Noncount Nouns 1
14. Count and Noncount Nouns 2
15. Do-Have-Make-Take
16. Either-Neither-So-Too A
17. Either-Neither-So-Too B
18. Even Though
19. Famous People
20. Future Clauses 1
21. Grammar Diagnostic 1
22. Grammar Diagnostic 1a
23. Grammar Diagnostic 2
24. How
25. I'm Thinking Of...
26. If/Unless
27. Inventions
28. Measurement
29. Modern Library Top 100 Novels
30. Movies: AFI's Top 100 U.S. Films
31. Negatives 1
32. Negatives 2
33. Numbers 1-20 (Spelling)
34. Opposites 1
35. Other
36. Passive Mode 1
37. Passive Mode 1a
38. Passive or Present Perfect
39. Past 1 (Irregular Past/Past Part.)
40. Past 1a (Mixed Past Tense)
41. Past 2 (Irregular Past Tense)
42. Past and Plural
43. Past Perfect 1
44. Plurals 1
45. Plurals 2a
46. Plurals 2b
47. Plurals 2c
48. Prepositions 1 (in, on, at, to)
49. Prepositions 2 (in, on, at, to)
50. Prepositions 3a (in, on, at, to)
51. Prepositions 3b (in, on, at, to)
52. Prepositions 3c (in, on, at, to)
53. Present Perfect 1
54. Present Perfect 2
55. Presidents of the United States
56. Pronouns and Possessives
57. Quantity 1
58. Quantity 1a
59. Questions- Direct 1
60. Questions- Direct 1a
61. Questions- Direct 1b
62. Questions Indirect 1
63. Relative Clauses 1a - Restrictive
64. Relative Clauses 1b - Restrictive
65. Relative Clauses 2a - Non-Restr.
66. Relative Clauses 2b - Non-Restr.
67. Reported Speech 1
68. Reported Speech 2
69. Short Answers (responses)
70. Should Have/Shouldn't Have
71. Spelling - The Change Y to I Rule
72. Spelling - The Doubling Rule
73. Spelling - The Drop Final E Rule
74. Spelling 1a (-ing form & past tense)
75. Spelling 1b (-ing form & past tense)
76. Spelling 2a (past, pp, -s, -ing)
77. Spelling 2b (past, pp, -s, -ing)
78. Spelling 2c (past, pp, -s, -ing)
79. Spelling Errors A
80. Spelling Errors B
81. Spelling GH (problem -gh- words)
82. State Capitals
83. State Spelling
84. Superlative 1
85. Synonyms 1
86. Tags 1
87. Two-Word Verbs 1
88. Two-Word Verbs 2
89. Unreal Past 1
90. Unreal Past 2
91. Unreal Present 1
92. Unreal Present 2
93. Unreal Present and Past
94. Verb + Base Form 1
95. Verb + Gerund 1
96. Verb + Infinitive 1
97. Verb Combinations
98. Verbs/Adjectives + Prep. 1a
99. Verbs/Adjectives + Prep. 1b
100. Weigh
101. Wish and Hope