December 24, 9 years later

Christmas Eve
by Rick Shur, 2005

Nine years after Johnny and Saul and the ranch are gone, Michelle and Dave are married, as are Pierre and Mabel, who are at Dave's home and rubber tire business, where the ranch once stood. Also visiting are Beth and her son, Solly. Solly's father, Ricardo, though he survived the encounter with Gil and Phil, was recently killed in the Great World War. Solly is excited about the imminent arrival of Santa, even though he's not sure he believes in him. Dave and the others sing Solly a Christmas Eve lullaby to help him get to sleep.


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Dave and Michelle :

work is done
sleep tight
till morning comes.

all your little sheep
you may
hear a little sleigh
flying on its way
to your house top
full of toys that little men have made.

So dream
sweet shepherd
of gifts before your eyes
Santa is coming
he'll leave before you rise
Then you'll wake for your

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