Don't Shoot Those Angels Down (Rick Shur, 2005)

Don't Shoot Those Angels Down
by Rick Shur, 2005

Sam gives the Easter Sunday sermon after Saul and Dave have had a long night and are finally reconciled.


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Sam and the Dusty River Valley Choir

You should try to get out the devil
when the devil gets in you
my friend
but when you see people
you think are evil
better not get tempted to
take any measures you might regret.
Get rid of delusions
that you can rid the world of your enemies
cause half the time the ones you hate
are on the earth to make it great.
So many angels
and you don't know who

Dave, Saul, & Choir

So don't you shoot those angels down
Best you do not
clip no one's wings.
If you shoot an angel
your good home on the range 'll
be unhappy quick as anything.

You may think you have got the right
to fight for goodness sake,
but fighting never won no one
no wedding cake,
so don't you shoot down those angels
that's a risk
that you don't wanna take.

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