Don't Take No Texans On (Rick Shur, 2005)

Don't Take No Texans On
by Rick Shur, 2005

Phil Steiner makes Saul a deal to have a duel between each ranch's best man, and that whoever wins the duel will claim as prize the right to stay in the Dusty River Valley. The winner will take over the loser's ranch and operation. Phil warns Saul that his man, Gil Wyeth, is a Texan, and that it's generally known that Texans win their fights.


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Gil, Phil, Tige, Harry:

Texans fight
Ain't no sin
Day or Night
Texans win
Texans know
how to rodeo
They're dynamite
with a grin
leather hide
for their skin
just remember
I told you there's no hope
in a show down
with any Texan
that totes a rope
Don't take no Texans on
in any duel
No don't fool
with a saloon goin
or lasso throwin
don't take no Texans on
you won't live too long
it's wrong
to take any Texan o o on!

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