Gettin' on the Road
by Rick Shur, 2003

Dave has agreed to take Frankie camping in his little house in the woods. While spending the night together, the boys drink whiskey that Frankie has brought, and they sing together about partners getting away from the rough life to start a new homesteading life together.


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[The] wagon's packed
The rifle's racked
Harness the horse.
Pick up the gear
The time is near
Clear is our course.
Everything is tied up tight
And settin' right
just where it should stay.
We are gonna hit the road today.

Frankie and Dave
Our future lies neath other skies.
There is a land
With no more war, so far
far from the fray.
By morning light
We make our flight
to a good place to stay
Knowin' we won't fail to find a better day.

Getting on the road
Packin' up a load
Leavin' fields we hoed
for our new life.

Getting on Our Way
to find the land of
dreams with no more strife.

Finding a new path
Leavin' out the wrath
Doin' a new math for souls above
To add the fun, subtract the gun
and multiply the love.

Our wheels are oiled
We've planned and toiled
to take a little journey.
It's now or never let's get gettin' on

Gettin' on the road
Puttin' into play
Every plan we sowed
Happy come what may
Ready to explode
On our way!

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