Gifford Miller's Time (Rick Shur, 2005)
Gifford Miller's Time
by Rick Shur, 2005

The lyrics are set to "Here Comes the Champ," Dave's victory song in Rick Shur's musical "Dave and Johnnny."

He's got the brain!
He's got the heart!
He's got the guts
to stand up for New York ers,
for what we real ly need
Not for big busi ness greed
not sta di ums
on sites that are dumb!
He'll put the fi re fight ers
back in the hoods.
Watch Gif ford Mil ler
craft a bud get to do pub lic good
and fight corp 'rate crime.
This is Gif ford Mil ler's time.

When he is mayor
we'll get our share
of the big wad
New Yor kers pay in tax es.
Fisc 'lly re spon si ble
he'll al ways fund what's right--
class rooms and teach ers
small er and bright!
He'll keep the neigh bor hoods
nice pla ces with sky!
E qual rights! Pro gress!
So I'm tell in you
that if you like
your ci ty sub lime,
this is Gif ford Mil ler's Time!

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