Here Comes the Champ (Rick Shur, 2005)
Here Comes the Champ
by Rick Shur, 2005

With a little creativity inspired by Johnny's rubber, Dave manages to beat Gil Wyeth in the duel by the Dusty River. The Homesteaders sing his praises.


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He's got the brain
He's got the heart
Here comes the brave
we're showering with praises
He's got the whole game
sewn up in his hand
that's right
He beat the cowboy
cause he's more bright
We lift a glass to our lad
light of our lamp
here's to a winner
give three cheers
for the front running champ
so let the band play
as we celebrate this day

Such a long wait
For a new start
we thought our world
was going all to blazes
But we were wrong
to be down in the mouth
yes sir
we got our answer
in a shepherd
We've got a real live angel
right here on earth
Our prayers are answered
give three cheers for the day of his birth
and let the folks say
that the leader's on his way.

Dave does some high stepping and shows off his stuff. All the while, people keep handing him drinks, so he gets rowdier and rowdier, soon taking off his clothes in a high-stepping strip tease, much to the adulation of the home steaders, especially Johnny, but Michelle, who thinks Dave is a show off, is not impressed, and refuses to dance with him. So he dances with Johnny, which makes Michelle so angry she finally storms off. Dave and Johnny are having too much fun to care or notice.

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