Act 1

an April Morning, about 100 years ago

in the Dusty River Valley of Sherona,
a mythical county in Wyoming

I Can't Sleep
by Rick Shur, 2005

The curtain rises on Saul's Lazy S's Sheep Ranch. Saul has been having nightmares due to all his troubles with cattle rancher, Phil Steiner, who has been killing his sheep whenever they cross the dead line. He wakes up screaming with another nightmare before dawn breaks. After he recounts the horrible details of his dream, his children, Michelle, Johnny and Mabel suggest he hire a ranch musician to play soothing music.


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I had a nightmare
Bout Phil Steiner's cowboys
into our ranch
They set fire to our
Whole corral and live stock

I heard them yell
kidnap Michelle
And rape my little Mabel
And that they'd kill
all my men then dear son Johnny
i can't face the fear
That comes from this mad sandman
lucifer old scratch cold cruel devil

I can't sleep
Not one wink
I cannot rest
my weary mind
You hear me?
I can't find
My lost link
To that sweet place they call cloud nine

And I've tried most everything that's
Known to help
Hot tea buttered rum
Warm milk and delicious chocolate
Piled pillows to the ceiling
tried every kind of healin'
Tried every trail to nail

I can't doze
I can't nap
Can't close my eyes
Can't get no sleep
What is this vicious slap?
I have lost religion
This dead end's my vision
Who will free me from my

Pry me out of the deep
Pray my soul to keep
Can't keep countin' sheep
I crave blessed sleep

Who will help me get some shuteye
'fore I lose my frightened friggin' mind?

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