It's Spring!
by Rick Shur, 2010

After a wintry winter of 2009-2010, followed by a soggy March, I was absolutely giddy when the sun finally came out for Easter weekend at the beginning of April. This polka came into my head, and these are the lyrics as of 4-5-10.


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Eve ry one loves the sun
cause it's a real ly pret ty or ange ball
Eve ry one's hav ing fun
cause win ter's o ver yes it's o ver and the cold has gone a way now
tu lips are pop ping up
And leaves are sprout ing on the ma ple trees
for sy thi a
blooms in the parks
And daf fo dils, li lacs, and mar i golds paint the
and all the chil dren play
cause it's spring
and all the peo ple say
Jack Frost has gone
let's play on the lawn
and all the peo ple sing
that it is spring
and all the peo ple say
that it is spring
and we love a spring time day
let's throw a ball
till we fall
and eve ry bo dy dance
and have a spring ro mance
kiss ing neath the trees
feel ing weak
in our knees
and feel ing young for a lit tle while
while mo ther na ture smiles and sun shine bless es all the earth
and gives the globe a real new birth in the
and all the peo ple say
that it's spring
and all the peo ple play
boys with their toys
girls with the boys
and girls with girls and boys
play with boys in the
when all the peo ple stay
out of doors
and all the peo ple say
let's make some noise
and sing of our hap py joy
and ce le bra tion cause it's spring
and ex hal ta tion cause it's spring
thank heav en for spring!-

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