New York City People

New York City People (midi, without singing)

Prof. Shur singing his song

song and lyrics by Rick Shur

(written Memorial Day, May 28, 2001)

Dedicated to John Rocker


These people all over the world

these hungry people

sail on the oceans

fly on planes

leave their homes

with mixed emotions.

They know that they'll never be the same

in such a strange and modern land

but still they board

for freedom's door

The New York City People

Working hard for the gold

In the promised land

Where they get a hand

For the dream that makes them bold

'Cause they're the rugged

New York City People

With a hope and a goal

And they get on line

to make New York Town their own!

Ride the Number Seven

through Queens

just like heaven

see the people everywhere

THEY'RE in New York City makin'

THEIR life


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