Don't Rain No More! (Rick Shur, 2003)
MIDI, music only, 13K

Don't Rain No More!

by Rick Shur, 2003

I don't want any part of your rain,
so make it good-bye!
I don't want no more of this pain;
Stop making me cry!
If you think I might be only beggin',
Sky, I'll tell you no lie:
I will take your drops
and stick 'em right in your...
I can't find any drip of this rain
a reason or rhyme.
I've been doin' more drinkin'
Bein' tired and wet all the time,
so I will shove your thunder shower show
where the sun don't shine
if you don't start stoppin'
droppin' that pour,
you dirty cloud,
Don't rain no more!

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