Shepherd's Lullaby Reprise
by Rick Shur, 2005

Dave tells Tige and Harry that he can put Saul's boys to sleep with a lullaby in order to make it possible to rustle back Phil's cattle. When Tige and Harry don't believe that a lullaby can put a grown man to sleep, Dave proves to them that it is really possible, and in so doing, he makes it possible to re-brand Phil's cattle to look like Lazy S's cattle while Tige and Harry are snoozing.


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Love is my guide
Love gives me hope
And love takes care of me
Love leads me to play
in sweet green pastures
Neath the bright blue sky
Near clear cool creeks.
Love saves me from fights
Sends friends at night
So I never fear
Cause I can fly high
On love's wuh-i-ings.

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