Wake Up Call (Rick Shur, 2004)
Wake Up Call
by Rick Shur, 2004

Phil's cowboys are ready to blast Saul and his ranch out of Wyoming, and on the eve of battle, they sing this call to arms.


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Phil, Gil, Tige, Harry:

The wake up call
The wake up call
We'll take them by surprise
Sheepmen oughta know
they really have to go.
The only way to show
them is to blow them

into the night
with dynamite.
We'll make them scattered pieces
and they'll see
their sheepcarts all debris
their fingers in a tree
their arms disarmed.

We know it's tough
but they had their chance
and we fight real rough
cause we don't like to dance
ceptin' when it's for fun
and the time for fun is done
so now we're gonna step on toes. Let's go.
The wake up call
is long past due.
We'll take them by surprise
And when they rise
Their sorry little eyes
will see a sight of woe!

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