We Will Unionize (Rick Shur, 2002)
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We Will Unionize
by Rick Shur, 2002

This song is dedicated to the GSEU/UAW.

GSEU/UAW, (Graduate Student Employees United), is an organization seeking to establish a union to represent teaching, research, and graduate assistants at Columbia University as employees under federal labor law.

GSEU/UAW is affiliated with Local 2110 of the United Autoworkers, AFL-CIO Local 2110, and intends to "negotiate for increased salaries/stipends, adequate health insurance and child care, clearer job descriptions/workloads, and improved working conditions."

GSEU can be contacted via e-mail at TOP2110@2110uaw.org and at the : UAW's web site.

All around the world
The signs are in the air
That the working guy
and the working gal
Will work for what is fair.

You know why we fight
Our budget's way too tight
And in this new age
A real living wage
Is everybody’s right.

Our job is never done
We've only just begun
We'll sing this song
The whole day long
Until we know we've won!

Look into our eyes
You should not be surprised
That the working guy
and the working gal
Have come to unionize.

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