Who Owns the World? (Rick Shur, 2003)
Who Owns the World?
by Rick Shur, 2003

Phil Steiner's top cowboy, Gil Wyeth, finds Dave's sheep Wanda wandering past the deadline. He warns Dave that there will be repercussions if he doesn't keep his sheep on his side of the line. Dave's friend, Beth Shivers, is on the scene with a breakfast basket for Dave, so she reminds Gil that nobody owns the public grassland. She is then joined in song by Dave, and Phil Steiner's son Frankie, who has been tagging along with Gil, and who has a crush on Dave.


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Cowboys ride the range arranging
Deeds they think are fair and square
But who knows whence they make claim to all they're claiming?
Who owns the world?
Who owns the we-e-a-ther?
Who owns the globe
And the atmosphere that spin together?
Who owns the rivers, and
who owns the land?
Who owns the seas and
the shells and the sand
And who owns
all the sunshine that is sent thee?
Then tell me who's got
rain to rent me?

Who owns the force
That makes fruit fall from a tree?
Who owns the time
that sets us apart from now and hist'ry?
Who owns the first seed
That gave life its birth?
I cannot tell you, but
For what it's worth,
I know it's no one here on earth!
I know it's no one here on earth!
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