Wyoming Dawn (Rick Shur, 2004)
Wyoming Dawn
by Rick Shur, 2004

After visiting the stressed out frazzled sheep ranch of Saul, we now encounter Dave, a shepherd boy, not yet a man, waking up at dawn, after a beautiful restful sleep on a Wyoming hillside with his flock of sheep. The scenery behind him changes from night, to dawn, to morning, through all of its glorious colors.

He sings alone at first, but is later joined in by bleating, harmonizing sheep, and chirping birds.


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Comes out of nowhere so bright
Breaking the darkness with light
Till a slight
bit of blue
Meets an orange hue
Set off by burnt sienna
the bright red sun
Makes all the colors run
Like a real old serape

Stripes fill up the pastel sky
Purple-ish clouds float on by
Swallows fly
They swoop
over wild flow'rs growin'
And I can hear pine warblers sing
Wyoming's song
It doesn't take me long
To know that nothin's wrong
When I rise
ev'ry morn a

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