Wyoming Dawn Two Step (Rick Shur, 2004)

Curtain Call

Wyoming Dawn Two Step (reprise)
by Rick Shur, 2004

The Homesteaders take a bow.


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Comes out of somewhere bright
Breaking the darkness with light
Till a slight bit of blue
Meets a deep orange hue
which is set off by burnt sienna
Then the bright red sun
Makes all the colors run
the sky is lots of fun
Stripes fill up the pastel sky
Purple ish clouds float on by
Airplanes fly [an aero plane flies by]
They swoop way over the wild flow'rs growin'
And we can hear Wyoming sing
tomorrow's song
It doesn't take us long
To know that nothin's wrong
with this land
cause the state's grand
cause it ain't bland
so we don't roam
and so Wyoming's
our real live home!

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