Wyoming Grand (Rick Shur, 2004)
Wyoming Grand Two-Step
by Rick Shur, 2004

Michelle and Mabel go to Sam's Saloon/Post Office/General Store to see if they can find a valiant sheep man to take on Gil Wyeth. They don't find any takers, but the Homesteaders sing about why they love their state despite the difficulty living in Wyoming.


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Michelle and the Homesteaders

Wyoming grand
mountains and prairies
sunsets rose and purple
paint the sky
If you ask why

we love this land
our answer won't vary
We like in tense feelings
low and high!

floods and droughts
and blizzards
spiders snakes and lizards
fun surpri es
when they're climbin up the wall

Herds of cows stampedin
Wolves and coyotes eat in
chicks and ducks and geese
we often lose em all

we love this land Wyoming
Hell and Heaven in a square!

Wyoming grand!
rich soil irrigation
for one hundred bucks
you buy your dream
Home stead a plot

Grow rye and oats
best land in the nation
cows can graze for free
and eat a lot

occassionally hustlers
take your stock like rustlers
burning new brands
into your brand
slight of hand
legally banned

But don't bother suin'
Judges are all doin'
ev 'ry thing the cattle barons
do demand

We love this land
Hell and Heaven in a square

Wyoming Grand
have picnics and dances
Ice skate on a creek
and build a fire
spark your desire

Women can vote
and start new romances
Our men aren't meek and do not tire

of hail and wind and sandstorms
nature in her grand forms
light ning bolts torrential rains
and frostbit hands

barbed wire cactus gravel
all can make your travel
when they get inside your pants

we love this land Wyoming
Hell and Heaven in a square
[Actually it's a rectangle.]

Still we think it's intense
and it makes common sense
to love Wyoming Grand
our stately square!

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