Your Betrothed
by Rick Shur, 2006

Dave makes it back home in the blizzard,, with Frankie Steiner in tow. Michelle is so proud of Dave for his heroism that she turns on the victrola to play "Your Bethrothed" so that she can dance with Dave. Frankie dances with Beth, and Solly dances with everybody. It is Christmas, and everybody is home safe.


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This I can tell you
that the deed
to my heart
is locked up
and you'll see
you a lone
have the key.
I'm yours
and it would be grand
if you'd on ly have me
as your hus band.
You com mand me
And I'll o bey
What you de mand me
I'll do ev ry day
I will do the chores
With no fight
And I'll come home
Ev ry night
To you dear
If you want me to dear
When it's snow ing
I will pile the logs up on the fire high
And when it's rain ing
I will keep you and our chil dren dry
I will keep you all fed
I will keep you all clothed
I will keep you safe
let me be
be trothed.
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