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Dave and Johnny

a Wyoming operetta

(in 3 acts)

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Act 1

  1. an April Palm Sunday before dawn, 1909

    Saul's Lazy S's Sheep Ranch

    in the Heavy Saddle Valley of Sherona,
    a mythical county in Wyoming

    I Can't Sleep

  2. still dawn

    a hillside on Dave's little sheep farm

    Wyoming Dawn

    Who Owns the World?

  3. Monday

    Saul's Lazy S's Sheep Ranch

    Shepherd's Lullaby

  4. Tuesday morning

    the kitchen at Saul's Lazy S's Ranch

    Breakfast Song

    Don't Take No Texans On

  5. later that morning

    Johnny's bedroom


  6. Tuesday afternoon

    Old Sam's Heavy Saddle Saloon

    Wyoming Grand

  7. Wednesday, dawn

    a grassy area by the Dusty River, then Sam's Saloon

    Here Comes the Champ

  8. Wednesday afternoon

    the grand salon of Saul's Lazy S's Ranch

    Your Peter Cottontail

  9. a little later

    Johnny's bedroom

    Be My Partner

  10. a little later

    the grand salon of Saul's Lazy S's Ranch

    Wyoming Waltz

  11. Thursday morning, Johnny's room

    Thursday afternoon, the grazing pasture by the Dusty River

    Thursday late afternoon, outside the Lazy S's Ranch

    He's Your Guy

  12. Saturday morning

    the Sherona County Chapel

    I Will Earn Your Hand

  13. a forest area between the chapel and Lazy S's

  14. outside the Lazy S's

Act 2

  1. still Saturday morning

    outside the Lazy S's

  2. Saturday evening

    the grand salon of the Lazy S's

    My Wyoming

    His Intentions

  3. Saturday night

    inside Michelle's room

  4. later, Saturday night

    outside the Lazy S's

    He's Her Guy (reprise)

  5. still later, Saturday night to Sunday morning

    Sam's Saloon

    Amanda Don't

    Make Way for the New

    Don't Shoot Those Angels Down

  6. Sunday, noon

    the kitchen of the Lazy S's

    Patience, Creativity and Time

  7. Sunday, afternoon

    outside Phil's Triple U Ranch

    Sheep Herder's Lullaby (reprise)

  8. Sunday night

    Frankie's cabin in the woods

    Gettin' on the Road

  9. Tuesday

    In front of the Lazy S's

  10. Tuesday at sunset

    In the sheep pasture

    When This Madness Ends

  11. Wednesday morning

    The grand salon of the Lazy S's

    Turning Into Men

    Wake Up Call


  12. Wednesday eveniing

    Sam's Saloon

  13. Wednesday night

    Living room of the Triple U Ranch

    Shepherd's Lullaby (reprise)

Act 3 (Epilogue)

  1. Christmas Eve, 1918

    Outside the Jessen home

  2. a little later

    Inside the Jessen Home

    Christmas Eve

  3. pre-dawn, Christmas

    The Dusty River Gorge

    Patience, Creativity and Time (reprise)

  4. Christmas, right before dawn

    Inside the Jessen home

    Your Betrothed (reprise)

  5. Curtain Call

    Wyoming Dawn (reprise)

    Sheet Music

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    1. Amanda Don't p1of3
      Amanda Don't p2of3
      Amanda Don't p3of3
    2. Breakfast Song
    3. Christmas Eve Lullaby
    4. Dawn
    5. He’s Your Guy
    6. I Got You Back
    7. Make Way for the New
    8. Rubber
    9. Shepherd’s Lullaby
    10. Turning Into Men
    11. When You’ve Gone
    12. My Wyoming p1of3
      My Wyoming p2of3
      My Wyoming p3of3
    13. Here Comes the Champ p1of2
      Here Comes the Champ p2of2
    14. I Can’t Sleep p1of2
      I Can’t Sleep p2of2
    15. I Will Earn Your Hand p1of2
      I Will Earn Your Hand p2of2
    16. It's Spring! p1of2
      It's Spring! p2of2
    17. Gettin’ on the Road p1of2
      Gettin’ on the Road p2of2
    18. Your Betrothed p1of2
      Your Betrothed p2of2
    19. Who Owns the World? p1of4
      Who Owns the World? p2of4
      Who Owns the World? p3of4
      Who Owns the World? p4of4
    20. Your Peter Cottontail p1of2
      Your Peter Cottontail p2of2
    21. A Free Iran p1of2
      A Free Iran p2of2
    22. TaiJi (a baby dolphin's cry)

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